Changes are coming…

On Saturday, I’ll be announcing some pretty big changes for MeganPaleo. I’m exciting, nervous and praying for the best. I cannot wait to share with you all some exciting news. I’ll be laying low until Saturday, but make sure to stop by after Saturday.

Thanks for always loving me and supporting my paleo journey!

Whole30: Week 2 meal plan

Week 1 is done! I always stress about Whole30 until I’m about a week in. It finally becomes just eating, and not constantly worrying about meals and where to eat and what I can’t eat, etc. This week I’ve felt pretty good. No major headaches or anything. I definitely did have a day of kill all things. I’ve been enjoying my meals (and my instant pot) and am feeling great, so bring on week 2! Continue reading

GI update


My biggest reason for sharing my GI problems and my latest journey I’ve been on is to encourage others to see someone if they’re not feeling right. We know our bodies best, so trust your gut! It can be so confusing to know what doctor’s to go to and where to start, so I want to share my story to help others who might be going through some GI struggles.

Continue reading